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N E L L I E  P E O P L E S

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Hello! My name is Nellie Peoples. I am a Design + Maker. I create contemporary jewellery and small objects that tell stories of beloved people, particular places and special moments.


I am a one woman show. As well as making my own designs, I also put the hat of graphic designer, social media coordinator and now website creator. I am working hard on the back end to bring you a brand new website with my collection of objects, as well as insights to how things are made.


Watch this space...

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My name is Nellie Peoples

My practice is based in contemporary jewellery and small metals. I am based in Auckland, Aotearoa. At the core of my practice is the exploration of the connections made between objects and people. I design and make objects that highlight and reflect the conversation that surround the object.


I am interested in the mark that the owner of an object contributes to a piece. A thread that runs through my body of work is that cherished objects, in particular jewellery, have the potential to act as a souvenir of a special event, beloved person, or a particular place.


I have a Bachelor of Design Arts with First Class Honours from the Australian National University (ANU), School of Art (2013). Whilst undertaking a graduate residency at the ANU’s Gold and Silversmithing Workshop, I completed a graduate certificate in Visual Anthropology at ANU in 2014. I also has a Bachelor of Architecture and Applied Science from the University of Canberra (2007).

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